Thank you all!

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help they offered in finding a suitable tool to fix my molding problem. I was able to find a solution for her, and I think some of the other things folks shared with me will help expand my options when making masters of really small horses.

I will post more information on that, complete with pictures of how I did solve the problem, in the next day or so. At the moment I am trying to sort out the last few details in an article on appaloosa patterns for the RESS newsletter. (And Sarah, I’m not sure you get to call something that usually runs close to 200 pages a newsletter. The RESS TOME. I am working on the article for the bi-annual RESS Tome o’Info).

This particular set of articles has dealt with some complex ideas, and figuring out how to present them in a way that doesn’t muddy the waters more has been a good brain-stretching excercise. Between the articles and Vixen, surely I have gotten smarter in the last few weeks! (Not that making drawings like the one above in a vector graphics program is much evidence of that. What was I thinking adding all those spots?!)

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